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Attack Sub
Season 1, Episode 19 (attached to U. F. kuzcO.)
First Aired August 19, 2006
Written by Michael Grodner
Kuzco's Test Survive to a tough teacher
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The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween/Monster Masquerade

Mr. Moleguaco accepts to return.

Kuzco, Malina and Moleguaco in the "field trip".

Attack Sub is an episode from The Emperor's New School. It tells about the confusion that happened when Mr. Moleguaco took time off.


Mr. Moleguaco is getting too hard on his lazy attitude. Surprisingly, he takes time off Kuzco Academy. The class initially finds it good expecting a better teacher to come in Moleguaco's place, but they are surprised when Mr. Notaempa, a tough Marine instructor, comes to the class as a substitute. He quickly shows off his mean attitude to the class, scaring everyone with his shouts. Kuzco makes an audio commentary about how he and all the class expected the substitute to be softer than Moleguaco, and asks what's wrong with Notaempa. But the teacher interrupts the stop on the show and shouts at Kuzco for talking to the watchers.

Later, due to a sketch by Kronk that was showing Notaempa as a furious bull, the entire class's homework is double, and then tripled by Kuzco's audacious comments. Later, Kuzco causes the class to have an octupled homework. Kuzco asks Malina at the lunchroom if everyone hated him because of that, and people around angrily confirm it. Kuzco tells Malina that he's going to ask Mr. Moleguaco to come back, and Malina claims that Kuzco was actually thinking about running away and never coming back. In his mind, Kuzco asks himself how does Malina do that.

Kuzco and Malina go to a resort where Moleguaco should be, and Malina makes Kuzco apologize and sincerly ask Mr. Moleguaco to come back. After this all, the teacher accepts to return. Back in class, he asks the students if they didn't want to say goodbye to Mr. Notaempa, and everyone gets shocked when learning that the two teachers are cousins. Mr. Moleguaco explains that he called his cousin when he needed someone to scare the class back to the right way. Then he says goodbye to Notaempa, who leaves the classroom. After this, Moleguaco tells the class that they've learnt that they can't run away from work, and then tells everyone that their next lesson will be "There's more to life than work".

Later, all the class is having fun at a pool club. Kuzco claims that they were in the best field trip ever. Malina then tells Mr. Moleguaco that they aren't learning anything, and Moleguaco explains that they are learning about tropical culture, solar radiation, and, after Kronk goes in a cannon ball and wets them, the physics of water displacing. Then, the episode ends.