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Ms. Birdwell is a character in Kronk's New Groove. She is Kronk's rival and wife. Before she was his wife Ms. Birdwell was a troop leader for Junior Chipmunks.


Ms. Birdwell was first mentioned to be a troop leader who would end Kronk's winning streak in the Junior Chipmunk compition. When she met Kronk they immedietly fell inlove but soon became rivals. Mr. Birdwell and Kronk competedwith eachother in numerous competitions. At night night, before the final compitition both Ms. Birdwell and Kronk decided to make raisin bread. Both of them were missing ingredients and soon realized they had eachother's own stash of inh

Kronk and Ms. Birdwell dancing while making raisin bread

gredients and decided to make raisin bread together. In the morning Ms. Birdwell and Kronk gave their troops the raisin bread and declared their feud to be over. Before the compitition Tipo put itching powder in the chalk Ms. Birwell's troop would use because Kronk told him to do whatever it takes to win. In Ms. Birdwell's failed performance she scolded Tipo but Kronk took the blame for it and they split.

The two troops in the final competition

She returned to kronk in the end and they got married.


  • She is voiced by Tracy Ullman
  • she calls Kronk "Konkie-poo" and he calls her "Ms. Birdy-poo"