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Bucky the Squirrel
Bucky's two designs.
Species Squirrel
Gender Male
Hair color Brown fur
Friends Kronk, Kuzco, Malina, Mr. Moleguaco
Enemies Yzma
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Unknown
Voiced by Bob Bergen

Bucky the Squirrel, or simply Bucky, is a minor character from The Emperor's New Groove, The Emperor's New School and Kronk's New Groove. He is a kind, happy squirrel who enjoys eating nuts, giving to strangers and has a good friendship sense, good enough to make him hate sarcastic people like Kuzco and act gross with them. He is also a great friend of Kronk's and is a tutor on Squirrel Speak in Kuzco Academy.


Even through Bucky can act really annoyed with people he dislikes, he is a very nice squirrel and can be a nice friend and very talkative, as long as the listener masters squirrel speak. Being a squirrel speak tutor, the squirrel gives his tutored students efficient methods to master the language, and is sweet enough to make even his enemies like him. However, Bucky can be very annoying to people who dislike his type.