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Cart Wash
Season 1, Episode 5 (attached to Battle of the Bots
Cart Wash.png
First Aired February 17, 2006
Written by Kevin Seccia
Kuzco's Test Raise money at the Annual KuzCart Wash
Yzma's Plan Sabotage Kuzco
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Cart Wash is an episode from the first season of The Emperor's New School. It tells about Kuzco's attempt to raise money at the Annual KuzCart Wash.

Kuzco's Introduction Lines

Quote1.png Joke time! How many Kronks does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Ten. One to screw in in the bulb, and nine to do the catering. Ha! Yeah, that's a good one. Theme music!Quote2.png


Mr. Moleguaco is explaining to the class that the next weekend will be the Annual KuzCart Wash Fun Raiser for Charity. Each student must operate a cart washing stand where they will work. Kuzco raises his hand. Annoyed, Moleguaco asks what is his question, and Kuzco tells him that he doesn't know the meaning of some words. The teacher asks what are those words, and Kuzco says that they are "charity" and "work". Mr. Moleguaco is unconsoled.

The Royal Record Keeper censors Kuzco.

Later, Kuzco is in the hallway complaining about Mr. Moleguaco not needing to throw a dictionary at him. Malina tells him that maybe charity is something Emperors don't understand, but the Academy does that every year. Kuzco then asks her if they work and then give the money away, then telling himself that there is no wonder about those people being peasants. Malina hears it, and Kuzco tries to fix the situation claiming he said "pleasant", not "peasant". Malina tells him all he's got to do is raise one hundred Kuzcoins. Kuzco is quite relieved, as he will need to raise one hundred "he-coins". Later, Kuzco tries to use royal help, but the Royal Record Keeper pops up and tells Kuzco that he must pass all school assignments without royal help. Kuzco is annoyed.

Later, Kuzco is sitting on a bench, unable to get a single customer. When Malina checks up on him and explains how to was a cart, Kuzco zones out, admiring how cute she is. Meanwhile, at Principle Amzy's office, Yzma laughs at Kuzco's unable to work, believing it would make him fail. She and Kronk decide to witness Kuzco's failure.

In the episode's Kuzco's Doodles, Kuzco explains that a customer, shaped like a peanut in his opinion, rudely tells him to wash his cart. Kuzco talks back, calling him a peanut-man, this makes the customer leave and come back with his siblings to beat up Kuzco.