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Chicha's two designs.
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Family *Pacha (husband)
  • Chaca (daughter)
  • Tipo (older son)
  • Yupi (younger son)
  • Unnamed Father-in-Law
  • Unnamed Mother-in-Law
Friends Pacha, Kuzco, Kronk, Tipo, Chaca, Malina
Enemies Yzma
First appearance The Emperor's New Groove
Last appearance Graduation Groove
Voiced by Wendie Malick

Chicha is a character from ENG, KNG and ENS. She is Pacha's wife and the mother of three kids. She is a worker woman, who takes care of the house, and a great mother. Her maternal instinct helps her to teach various good lessons about humility to Kuzco when he goes to live with her family. Chicha is a good person, and spends the day doing the usual work for a housewife. Tipo and Chaca, her kids, are healty children, and well-teached. Chicha seems to cook well and to be a good wife for Pacha. She is like "the typical worker woman".

Chicha and her husband Pacha in their youth