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This is the archive that lists the main page poll's results.

  • Which one is your favorite quote?
    • One person voted "'Theme music!', by Kuzco"
    • Two people voted "'This is NOT a date!', by Malina"
    • Nobody voted "'My spinach puffs!', by Kronk"
    • Two people voted "'Wrong lever!', by Yzma"
      • Final result: People believe that Yzma's phrase, "Wrong lever!", and Malina's phrase, "This is NOT a date!", are the best.
  • What is your favorite part of our topic?
    • One person voted "The Emperor's New Groove is absolutely great."
    • One person voted "Kronk's New Groove was just awesome!"
    • Two people voted "The Emperor's New School was a pretty good series."
      • Final result: People believe that The Emperor's New School is the best part of The Emperor's New Groove universe.
  • If you were lucky enough to spend a day with a minor character, who would them be?
    • Twenty-seven people voted "Guaka"
    • Eight people voted "Yatta"
    • Four people voted "Mr. Purutu"
    • Nine people voted "Ms. Birdwell"
    • Seven people voted "Mata"
      • Final result: People's favorite minor character is Guaka.
  • Why would you put yourself into Kuzco Academy?
    • Twenty-nine people voted "To meet Kuzco and his friends"
    • Six people voted "To appreciate the Inca view every day"
    • Two people voted "Because it is a good academy with good teachers"
    • Six people voted "To appear on TV"
      • Final result: People would enter K. A. mainnly to meet the characters.