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At Last

Graduation Groove is the 52nd and, due to the death of the voice of Yzma, Eartha Kitt, the final episode of The Emperor's New School.

Plot summary

It's just a few days before graduation day at Kuzco Academy and Kuzco is eager to be emperor once again. That is, until he learns about all the responsibility he will have when he becomes emperor.

Meanwhile, Yzma concocts one last plan to get rid of Kuzco and become empress. She gives him an "Everlasting Chicken" potion, one that will permanently turn the drinker into a chicken. Kuzco considers using this to get out of the responsibilities of being emperor, and finally drinks it during the academy's graduation ceremony, thus turning him into a chicken. He then runs away.

Yzma becomes empress and fires Kronk. This causes Kronk to help Malina find Kuzco. Kronk goes to Yzma's lab and finds the potion's antidote. They then locate Chicken Kuzco about to be slaughtered at Mudka's Headquarters. With the help of his friends, Kuzco escapes and they all go to Yzma's ceremony. Kuzco is given the antidote, he finally becomes emperor, and he and Malina finally go out on a date.