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"K-U-Z-C-O" is the opening theme song for the TV series The Emperor's New School. It was composed by Danny Jacob and is found at the beginning of every episode. During Season 2, the song remained the same; however, the video changed to use scenes from Season 2 episodes rather than Season 1.


He's on his way to the throne,

He's on his way to success.

But he has to go to school, he's got to ace that test!

He's an emperor-to-be

And he's totally...

Kuzco: *speaking* You know, it's all about me.

Guards: EXACTLY!

Kids: Go-go!

He's going to Kuzco Academy.

He's got to learn his ABC's.

Don't try to stop him,

to top him...

Yzma: To destroy him, right?

Kronk: Uh...

Kids: K-U-Z-C-O

Kuzco, Kuzco, Go-go!

He's got the cool, he's got the charm and the looks.

And the hottie that can help him read those things called books.

He's going to Kuzco Academy. (Come on, Kuzco!)

And to fulfill his destiny.

His friends are loyal.

It's royal.

They'll help him against the foil--

Kuzco: *speaking* Friends? I thought this was all about me. Ha ha, spell my name again!

Kids: K-U-Z-C-O

Kuzco, Kuzco, Go-go!


  • In every episode, the theme song is played after a short opening segment involving Kuzco or occasionally other characters introducing the episode to the audience.
  • "The Emperor's New School Musical" is the only episode to feature the theme song twice, the second time starting when Kuzco accidentally says 'theme music!' during a conversation with Malina. His interrupting the song and complaining about it leads to the plot of the episode.
  • The song 'Yzmopolis' has a short segment parodying the opening, with Yzma singing 'Y-Z-M-A, Yzma, Yzma, Hooray!' in reference to the song's chorus.
  • The theme song has some similarities with The Village People's YMCA.