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Kuzco Dance is a song featured in The Emperor's New Musical. It is performed by J. P. Manoux, Laura Dickinson and Danny Jacob.



After Kuzco hopes to be the star alongside Malina in the upcoming academy musical, he has a dream in which he enters Mudka's Meat Hut and sings to the assembled customers. After impressing everyone with his dancing skills, he has Malina kiss him because "it's in the lyrics, so you have to do it." However, this kiss is randomly interrupted by Dirk Brock, who flies in from offscreen and grabs Malina away. Kuzco awakens and complains that he can't even kiss Malina in his own dream.


Kuz-co-dance (ooh ooh)

Kuz-co-dance (ooh ooh)

Kuzco: Boom baby boom baby, I'm your man

Me the star, you're my number-one fan.

I'm so chill I'm cooler than cool, I'm the starry star that'll save our school

So please now Malina

Won't you be my queen-a

I like trampoline-as

Malina: What?

Chorus: The Kuzco dance, (Kuzco: Yay me!)

Who-a who-a who-a

Do the Kuzco dance. (He's dancin'! He's dancin'!)

The Kuzco dance,

Who-a who-a who-a

Do the Kuzco dance.

Chorus: Hands up!

Kuzco: To the highest height!

Chorus: Bow down.

Kuzco: To my mighty might!

Chorus: Give gifts!

Kuzco: Ha ha, outta sight!

Chorus: Doin' the Kuzco Dance all night!

Kuz-co-dance (ooh ooh)

Chorus: Get funky with Kuzco not that other guru

Have you ever seen Kuzco in his birthday suit?

He's strong, he's brave, he's passion-y

And even roller-disco fashion-y!

His collar's as big as

His bell-bottom pants

C'mon everybody, do

The Kuzco dance, (Kuzco: Yay me!)

Who-a who-a who-a

Do the Kuzco dance.

Kuzco: And here's how ya do it.

Mr. Moleguaco: Hands up!

Chorus: To the highest height!

Mr. Moleguaco: Bow down!

Chorus: To his mighty might!

Mr. Moleguaco: Give gifts!

Chorus: Get outta sight,

Kuzco dance all over the floor, (ooh ooh)

Kuzco dance so superior, (ooh ooh)

Kuzco dance now everybody more, (ooh ooh)

You did it all before, now do it some more!

The Kuzco dance!

Kuzco: All the ladies in the house, shake your booty like this!

Chorus: The Kuzco dance! (He's dancin'!)

Kuzco: All Malinas in the house, c'mon and give me a kiss! (Do the dance!)

(Malina just stares)

  • (spoken): It's in the lyrics, so you have to do it.

(They start to kiss, but Brock flies in and grabs Malina instead)