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The front view of a meat hut.

Mudka's Meat Hut is a popular restaurant franchise of the Inca Empire. The exotic Peruvian dishes and good-looking outside make the Mudka's Meat Hut a very nice eating place in the insider's vision. Some of these units are likely carnivore, having even meat drinks in their menu, but others have vegetarian dishes as Kronk was once seen preparing a vegetable dish. There are 13 meat huts around the country. The first one seen was a big one on a hill. There, some important events took place in both The Emperor's New Groove and Kronk's New Groove. In the first movie, Mudka's Meat Hut was the place where Pacha found out that Yzma was planning to murder Kuzco, and where Kronk got a job as a chef. Kronk still holds the job at the second movie, where he became a famous cook who is admired by everyone at the village. Actually, the whole history of Kronk's New Groove takes place at Mudka's. In this meat hut, Mata worked as a waitress until she became the lunch lady at Kuzco Academy.

Yatta serves Kuzco and Malina at the meat hut.

Another meat hut occasionally appears in The Emperor's New School. It is placed at the downtown, and its first appearance at the series was in The Emperor's New Tuber, where it's revealed that Yatta is the waitress for that unity and this meat hut has a modern look, with a smash-the-squirrel game and different paint. Kronk cooks at this meat hut as well, so it's possible that he moved from the other one to the downtown unity since he had to work nearby the Academy. Another meat hut was seen at Mudka's #13. Kronk tells Malina, Kuzco and Guaka that Mudka, the founder of the franchise, tried to build the 13th meat hut a number of times, but it never worked due to natural disasters. However, somehow that meat hut was still there. That hut is shown in black and white, the food makes Kuzco have weird nightmares, and a suspenseful atmosphere is placed at there, hinting the unity to be cursed. However, at the end of the episode, the only staff member in there explains that he forgot to turn the colors in and that Kuzco's nightmares were collateral effects of the meat drink. Yzma also once tried to steal Mudka's recipes in a plan, but was stopped by Kuzco and Kronk.

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