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The Emperor's New School
Created by Mark Dindal
Starring J. P. Manoux
Jessica DiCicco
Patrick Warburton
Eartha Kitt
Country of origin United States
Running time 22 minutes (approx.)
Number of seasons 2
Number of episodes 52
Original run January 27, 2006 – November 20, 2008

The Emperor's New School is an animated series created by Mark Dindal and broadcasted by Disney Channel and ABC Kids. It premiered in January 27, 2006, but had to be canceled after two seasons due to the death of Eartha Kitt. The series is the sequel of the Disney classic movie The Emperor's New Groove, and takes place in the Kuzco Academy, located in the Inca domains.


Kuzco, the Inca emperor, has once lived a great adventure, which seemed to change his vision of the peasants and give him some humilty. However, as he became emperor once again, the power seemed to change his mind and he started to govern the kingdom carelessly. Because of that, he is sent to Kuzco Academy to repeat high school, since he is still a teenager. With Kuzco being forced to leave the royal palace, Pacha and his family accept to welcome him in their small house. Kuzco will now need to pass over a series of humilty, honestity and generosity school tests before becoming emperor again, and while he recieves the help of Malina, a great-looking "A+" student who is also Kuzco's crush, Yzma, disguised as the Principal Amzy, does everything she can to cause Kuzco to fail and not become emperor, so she would assume the command. Yzma still counts with Kronk's help, with the difference that Kronk is an actual K. A. student, so Yzma demands Kronk to help her in her crazy plans while still looking as an inocent student. Although Kronk is loyal to Yzma, he develops a friendship with Kuzco, and Kuzco, Malina, and Kronk involve themselves in incredible school situations throughout the series. Eventually, Kuzco learns again how is to be a good person and finds the true emperor in himself.


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  • Kuzco (voiced by J. P. Manoux) - Kuzco is the ex-emperor of the Incas, who was sent back to high school to learn how to govern better. He has a not-so-secret crush on Malina, and she always helps him when he gets in trouble. He's arrogant, vain, and selfish, but eventually turns into a good person, after learning precious school lessons and also the friendship value.
  • Malina (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) - Malina is an A+ student, the top grader on K. A. and, according to Kuzco, a "hotty hot hotty". Actually, Kuzco has a crush on her, which he openly shows. Malina always helps Kuzco to go on the right way on School tests, as his friend. She's also extremely competitive and never accepts a low grade (actually, she never had one, being a straight A student).
  • Yzma/Principal Amzy (voiced by Eartha Kitt) - Yzma is, overall, Kuzco's nemesis. Since she was once his advisor, she would become empress without Kuzco on the way. Thinking like this, Yzma, the mad scientist, makes a series of attempts to cause Kuzco to fail an not be able to become emperor. Yzma may be evil, but she's funny and her plans sometimes sound ridiculous.
  • Kronk (voiced by Patrick Warburton) - Kronk is Yzma's right-hand man. Since he studies on Kuzco Academy, he's always helpful when Yzma wants to get on Kuzco less directly. Kronk is very smart and appreciates his regular "B" notes, but he's a big clumsy and sometimes a big headache over Yzma's ideas. However, Kronk always puts effort into whatever he does and has his heart in the right place.


There are 52 episodes divided in two seasons.

Season 1

Episode # Episode Title Original Airdate
1 Rabbit Face January 27, 2006
2a Squeakend at Bucky's January 28, 2006
2b Kuzco Fever January 28, 2006
3a Empress Malina February 3, 2006
3b Red-Eyed Tree Frog Man February 3, 2006
4a Hungry Hungry Llama February 10, 2006
4b Only the Wrong Survive February 10, 2006
5a Cart Wash February 17, 2006
5b Battle of the Bots February 17, 2006
6 Girls Behaving Oddly February 24, 2006
7a The Lost Kids March 3, 2006
7b The Big Fight March 3, 2006
8 Kuzclone March 31, 2006
9a Unfit to Print April 7, 2006
9b The Emperor's New Pet April 7, 2006
10 Peasant for a Day April 21, 2006
11a Fortune Cookie Day May 5, 2006
11b Gold Fools May 5, 2006
12 The Mystery of Micchu Pachu May 12, 2006
13a Oops, All Doodles June 24, 2006
13b Chipmunky Business June 24, 2006
14 Clash of the Families July 1, 2006
15a The New Kid July 8, 2006

Officer Kronk

July 8, 2006
16 Kronk Moves In July 15, 2006
17a Kuzcogarten August 5, 2006
17b Evil and Eviler August 5, 2006
18 The Bride of Kuzco August 12, 2006
19a U. F. kuzcO. August 19, 2006
19b Attack Sub August 19, 2006
20a The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween October 14, 2006
20b Monster Masquerade October 14, 2006
21 Yzmopolis November 11, 2006

Season 2

Episode # Episode Title Original Airdate
22a "The Emperor's New Tuber" June 23, 2007
22b "Room for Improvement" June 23, 2007
23a "Cool Summer" June 30, 2007
23b "Prisoner of Kuzcoban" June 30, 2007
24a "Ramon's a Crowd" July 7, 2007
24b "Guakumentary" July 7, 2007
25a "Show Me the Monkey" July 21, 2007
25b "Demon Llama!" July 21, 2007
261 "Picture This!" August 5, 2007
26b "TV or Not TV" August 5, 2007
27a "Kuz-Cop" September 2, 2007
27b "How Now Sea Cow?" September 2, 2007
28a "A Fair to Remember" October 15, 2007
28b "Working Girl" October 15, 2007
29a "Curse of the Moon Beast" October 22, 2007
29b "Aw, Nuts!" October 22, 2007
30a "The Emperor's New School Spirit" November 5, 2007
30b "Card Wars" November 5, 2007
31a "Mudka's Secret Recipe" November 19, 2007
31b "The Emperor's New Home School" November 19, 2007
32 "The Emperor's New Musical" December 3, 2007
33 "A Giftmas Story" December 10, 2007
34a "No Man Is an Island" January 14, 2008
34b "Vincent Van Guaka" January 14, 2008
35a "Air Kuzco" January 28, 2008
35b "Kronkenitza" January 28, 2008
36a "Come Fly With Me" February 4, 2008
36b "Project Poncho" February 4, 2008
37a "Citizen Kronk" March 3, 2008
37b "The Pajama Llama Dilemma" March 3, 2008
38a "Yzma Be Gone" March 24, 2008
38b "Last Ditch Effort" March 24, 2008
39a "The Good, the Bad, and the Kronk" April 7, 2008
39b "Mudka's #13" April 7, 2008
40a "Auction Action" April 21, 2008
40b "The Astonishing Kuzco-Man" April 21, 2008
41 "Guaka Rules" May 5, 2008
42a "Malina's Big Break" May 22, 2008
42b "Hotel Kuzco" May 22, 2008
43a "Father O'Mine" June 12, 2008
43b "Everyone Loves Kuzco" June 12, 2008
44a "Puff Piece" July 10, 2008
44b "Take My Advice" July 10, 2008
45a "Yzbot" July 31, 2008
45b "The Puma Whisperer" July 31, 2008
46a "Kronk the Magnificent" August 21, 2008
46b "Kamp Kuzco" August 21, 2008
47a "Groove Remover" September 11, 2008
47b "Overachiever's Club" September 11, 2008
48a "The Emperor's New Show" September 18, 2008
48b "Too Many Malinas" September 18, 2008
49a "Faking the Grade" October 2, 2008
49b "Eco Kuzco" October 2, 2008
50a "Kuzcokazooza" October 23, 2008
50b "Kuzco's Little Secret" October 23, 2008
51 "Cornivale" November 6, 2008
52 "Graduation Groove" November 20, 2008

Official site

see: The Emperor's New School Official Site
Official Site.png

The official site for The Emperor's New School can be found in the Disney Channel website and has photos, games, videos, and more.


The Emperor's New School is placed after The Emperor's New Groove, but its setting related to Kronk's New Groove is unknown. Probably they're two different sequels, since there weren't plans of a TV series when Kronk's New Groove started to be developed. The facts that suggest The Emperor's New School to be placed after The Emperor's New Groove are:

  • In the beginning of the movie, Kuzco trusts on Yzma's loyalty, but in the series he already knows that she's evil.
  • In the movie, Kuzco never mentions Malina, although he constantly offered her to be his empress on the series.
  • In the movie, Kuzco and Pacha get to know each other best, but they already know each other in the series.
  • In the movie, Chicha is pregnant in most of the time, but in the series Yupi is born already.

Theme song

The original theme song for The Emperor's New School is named Kuzco Academy.


He's on his way to the throne, he's on his way to success.
But he has to go to school, he has to ace that test!
He's an emperor to be and he's totally
Kuzco: You know, it's all about me.
Guards: Exactly!
He's goin' to Kuzco Academy.
He's got to learn his ABC!
Don't try to stop him, To top him.
Yzma: To destroy him right?
Kronk: Uhhhh...
K-U-Z-C-O! Kuzco! Kuzco! Let's, Go!
He's got the cool. He's got the charm and the looks.
And the hottie that can help him read those things called books!
He's going to Kuzco Academy. (Come on, Kuzco)
Got to fulfill his destiny.
His friends are loyal. It's royal. They'll help against the foil.
Kuzco: Friends? I thought this was all about me. Haha, spell my name again!
K-U-Z-C-O! Kuzco! Kuzco! Let's Go!